Getting started with ReshapeAPI

Let's take a look at core concepts of Reshape API. What is is, how it works and how it fits into your automation workflow.
Getting started with ReshapeAPI

What is Reshape API?

Reshape API automation bridge allows you to shape and mold your API responses to fit perfectly inside other no-code apps. In addition, we make sure your no-code tools work well together.

Is the order from Webflow or Glide, or Squarespace information not integrated well with your chosen no-code tool?

Maybe what you are receiving from Zapier is way too much information. Or not enough.

You could want to make sure the information is tidy because you will use it as variables for other no-code tools.

Whatever the case. Reshape API helps you mold your API responses, so it just works.

Who's it for?

This app is made for all you indie hackers and dreamers who are not afraid to make your ideas a reality.

We want to help you fix all of the obscurities you have with automation giants like Zapier or Integromat and just let you do your thing.

Think of us as an automation addon on top of Zapier or Integromat or any other automation tool. We want to make sure that what gets passed through those systems - work on the other end.

Getting started with ReshapeAPI

How does ReshapeAPI fit into my automation process?

Reshape API is not a Zapier replacement but a useful addon to ensure your automation works the way it was intended.

We want to integrate into your workflow and solve the discrepancy problem between no-code tools.

Getting started with ReshapeAPI

Where and how do I start my project?

You can sign up for early access right here once the project goes into the beta phase. You will receive a welcome email with a quick video demo.

We encourage you to send us an email or chat about what you like or do not like. As this is a new project, any feedback is precious to us.

If you run into a problem or some crucial functionality is missing, our job is to help you solve the problem in any way possible. Please let us know!

What are transforms, groups, and fields

Reshape API uses a few terms all over the app. This helps us structure our UI. These terms are:

Transform: think of it as a script that takes your API response and modifies it to whatever you want. Imagine having a developer by your side who does fine tuning of your automation response. With us you just have to select a few items from a dropdown. Thats it.

Groups: it is an expandable collection of fields. Groups can have other groups inside.

Fields: the key:value pair item. Basically it boils down to an field having a name.

variantId: 73213282 is a field.

Getting started with ReshapeAPI

How does the Reshape API builder work?

The builder is divided into two parts: the editor part on the left and the live example part on the right.

You don't need to know any code to use the editor. Just select which field you want to edit and enter additional information like a field name or which things you want to filter out. It is as simple as selecting from a dropdown and typing a label.

As you do the transformations, you will be given a preview on your right. Here is the exact information that will be passed on to Zapier or any other automation platform.

We wanted to have a live feedback response because a lot of platforms obscure this part. So it looks like this is the way to go.

Getting started with ReshapeAPI

How do I connect ReshapeAPI with Zapier?

Connecting ReshapeAPI with Zapier is just like connecting any other app. We offer a Zapier integration and all you need to do is just enter our API key. Voila. The job is done in a few minutes.

If you want to connect this automation to your own endpoint, we offer the ability to enter the URL to create a new webhook subscription. 

Any way you decide to go, we make the process as easy as possible.

Getting started with ReshapeAPI

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